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What is Tawredaat ?

Tawredaat  is a 360-degree B2B e-commerce platform formalizing the procurement process for construction and finishing materials. The one-stop shop enables users to shop an extensive range of finishing materials, view data sheets, check technical product information and complete purchases using a variety of convenient payment methods.

Our Features

This platform is composed of a website and mobile application. The platform is designed in an easy and simple way to provide convenience to our customers when buying finishing materials. Tawredaat creates a one stop shop hassle free experience for its clients when buying their needed products from multiple sources. 

What We Do

Our main aim is to facilitate the shopping experience of all finishing products for each and every company and individual. Tawredaat is a one stop sourcing that provides all finishing products available online to the customer who can easily compare prices and brands and buy the needed  products by a couple of clicks!

Our Vision

We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience by providing all finishing materials available online with the best possible prices and technical product description. We offer flexible payment terms, in pursuit of the utmost convenience and safety.